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About Us

Techie and the Blonde podcast is a light-hearted, relaxed look at different technology in today’s world. Interpreting and simplifying complex industry jargon. It’s a casual discussion between a couple that truly have fun together and respect each other’s knowledge.  We bring in guests that are relevant to current tech trends and have a point of view that’s interesting all while providing informative and fun perspective.

Whether you're a tech expert, or someone that would love to have technology explained in ways that anyone could understand, Techie & the Blonde podcast is for you!

Max - "Techie"

Max is a 28-year tech industry veteran, a senior executive and expert in his field, helping major corporations and federal agencies solve communication technology challenges. Often a keynote speaker at industry conferences or expert panels. Regular speaker at Gartner IT summit, and a CNN business contributor on 5G and communication technologies.  A member of Forbes Business Development Council and a monthly editorial contributor

Erika - "The Blonde"

Erika is a Registered Nurse that worked for many years in a fast-paced hospital setting, gaining incredible experience and knowledge. Now home raising three children, Erika is the co-host and "better half" of Techie & the Blonde.

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